Our Background

Herb & Evelyn Barth have appeared on television featuring ballroom dancing, and Herb has also produced and featured a ballroom dance radio program on several stations in the Daytona area. They have instructed not only their students on board cruise ships, but also other passengers and the members of the ships show ensemble.

Herb & Evelyn's numerous years of ballroom dancing have included competing in many different areas of the U.S., Canada and Europe. As Amateur competitors they have achieved numerous awards, and medals. they have won the ISTD Amateur Competitions in Cherry Hill, NJ. They have consistently won and placed in finals of many independent competitions.
As coaches, they have achieved almost all first places with students in Pro/Am competitions and Herb has coached his amateur couples toward winning first and top places in many dance competitions in FL, GA, NC, NY and NJ.
Herb and Evelyn have expertise in "International" and "American" Dances and offer special and detailed instructions to private students and group sessions.
He has coached many individuals and couples in the desirable high standards in "Medal Tests" given by the ISTD examinations.
Their desire and love of teaching "Excellent Technique" in all forms of ballroom dancing has resulted in demand for their coaching knowledge. They will work with students from "Basic" and with all phases up to "Advanced" and "Competitive".
"Just Dancing!"
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