History and Background
Experienced Watchmaker, Clockmaker & Horologist
 Herb is a long standing member of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors.
He is the past president of Chapter #158 of the NAWCC. A member of American Watchmakers-
Clockmakers Institute and past President and Owner of H&E Clocks in New York
and Daytona Beach. Managed the General Time Corporation Service Organization involved
with the service and restoration of products by Seth Thomas, Westclox and Stromberg
Timepieces, Antiques and Contemporary clocks & watches.
His company also represented General Electric, Sessions, Herschede, and many other
companies as Authorized Factory Service Center.
Herb has been involved in this profession since 1954. His original work and training was
with the Bulova Watch Company in the watch manufacturing division. His four years in
the US Airforce involved working with aircraft clocks, gyroscopes and assorted aircraft
instruments. His return to civilian life started him in a career to head the largest watch and
clock sales and service company in the New York area with 5 locations involving sales and
service of timepieces including the restoration of many famous tower and steeple clocks
throughout the United States.
His love of Antique clocks and restoring them directs his efforts to personally get involved
with the restoration and service to many satisfied customers.
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